How often during the day do you talk to your best friend? Do you like spending time together? Do you meet every day? What do you speak about when you meet?

We speak differently with different people. To our parents and teachers we speak respectfully, to strangers rarely, to our peers familiarly but a conversation between close friends is much more intimate. Best friends share everything.

Personal prayer is all of the above and more. The sweetness of our prayer with Jesus is directly proportionate to the love we have for Him and the awareness of His incredible love for us.

Personal prayer must be a daily habit. We must actively seek the best time in the day to be alone with Jesus and be faithful in keeping our prayer appointment with him. In prayer we speak to Jesus with the same ease and confidence as we would speak to a best friend.  Our love and friendship for Jesus must keep growing stronger and greater each day. This can only happen if we have a hunger and thirst to spend time with Him.

Once we have picked a suitable time and place we must spend at least ten minutes with Him every day.  If we are faithful then this time will be so joyful that we will find ourselves spending more time with Him. We can share everything with Jesus because He loves to listen to all we have to tell Him. No detail of our lives is too insignificant.  A good friend is also a good listener so when Jesus talks we must listen.

Finally, we must begin and end every prayer with a meaningful Sign of the Cross. It is a reminder of the Trinity, a reminder of our baptism when we became children of God and most of all it is a reminder that God loved us so much He sent His Son to die on the cross for us.