A Group of leaders from the CCR and Fraternity of Covenant Communities met in Rome on 15 & 16 July to plan the Jubilee celebrations. As I know that you are eagerly awaiting the details, I would like to share with you some main features of the program. At the same time please note that the program is yet to be finalized and it will be available later on the website: www.ccrgoldenjubilee2017.org

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For accommodation in Rome; please call Mrs Angela Braganza +965-99536411 based in Kuwait or Obra de Maria at email: accommodation@ccrgoldenjubilee2017.org for 3-4 star hostels and homes of spirituality.


Coming to the actual program as per the draft (still to be finalized), it commences with the General Audience with the Holy Father at St. Peter’s Square in the morning of Wednesday, 31st May and ends with Pentecost with the Holy Father by noon on Sunday, 4th June. There are different sessions in groups in different places and the participants are free to choose what they would like to participate.


There are four events which everyone is expected to participate..


Opening General Audience with the Holy Father on Wednesday, 31st May morning in St. Peter’s Square, Open Praise & Worship Celebration on Friday, 2nd June evening (venue to be finalized), Pentecost Vigil with Holy Father from about 6.00 pm to 7.30 pm on Saturday, 3rd June in Circo Massimo Stadium in Rome and Pentecost Mass with the Holy Father at St. Peter’s Square in the morning of Sunday, 4th June.


There will be Masses in Major Basilicas of Rome around 5 pm on 31 May, 1 and 2 June. Different Sessions/workshops are being planned at different locations on 1 and 2 June afternoon by different speakers which will be announced once the program is finalized.  Radio Translations/head phones would be available at public events, but the workshops would be only in two languages. The details will be in the program so that groups could choose participation.


All would be free on Saturday, 3rd morning till about 4 pm  where national groups could meet and organize Mass, etc. The Pentecost vigil would be from 6 pm, but people would have to reach at least 2 hours before to get entry and take their seats.


Those organizing pilgrimage would also be able to cover visits to important places in Rome during the 5 days from 31 May to 4 June and then move to other places like Assisi, Padua or Fatima or Lourdes, etc.  Slots especially before lunch on some of the days can be planned and also on the afternoon of 4 June.


Registrations for the event can be done online – individually, as family and as groups. People also enquired about the registration fee. Whether Euro 100 is to be charged per participant is yet to be finalized in consultation with the Holy Father. Registrations are not yet open. Please keep visiting the website.