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Kuwait Airport

The Kuwait Airport website has constantly updated information on arrival and departure schedules. You can find information on obtaining a visa on the visa page.


Weather in Kuwait

Historical Summary for November 06 – November 08:

  • The Average High Temperature is 30 C with a historical range of 23 C to 37 C
  • The Average Low Temperature is 17 C with a historical range of 7 C to 24 C
  • Average Cloud Cover is mostly sunny
  • The Average Wind is 11 km/h with a historical range of 5 km/h to 27 km/h
  • The Average High Dew Point is 14 C with a historical range of -5 C to 25 C
  • The Average Low Dew Point is 1 C with a historical range of -22 C to 15 C


Tourist Map of Kuwait

Click on the image below for a larger map.



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