Amen Prayer Cards

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Heavenly Father, we thank you for the great love and mercy you have shown us, through the redemptive work of Christ Jesus, Your son.

We surrender Amen – the Second Gulf Catholic Charismatic Renewal Conference, which will be held in Kuwait in November 2011, into Your most loving hands, and we pray for all the participants, who will attend the conference, that they may experience a powerful revival and change, through Your Holy Spirit, and be strengthened by your gifts, and proclaim your love and mercy. Renew and sanctify us, so that we in turn, touch the lives of all others around us.

Blessed Mother, we ask for your powerful intercession and guidance, for all those who have been invited for this Conference, and for all those persons who are working hard to make this conference a reality, for the Glory of God’s Kingdom.

All angels and saints, pray for us.

Our Father … Hail Mary … Glory Be … Amen


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